IAmCompuBear Consortium

IAmCompubear Consortium, a group of the world's best VR world builders and VR event coordinators. Projects include Meta UI, adapting books into VR worlds, tele-operating robots using VR, VR talk shows and conferences, VR church services, live Tarot card reading in VR, and VR handicap access.

Much like a holodeck from Star Trek, We can make your dreams come true. We can create a digital twin of your current store or a virtual restaurant on Kepler that features your food. We can create a shoe store that looks like your shoes, where they can see and buy your shoes.

We can create a website where more than one person can gather and interact without the need to type. You can meet with clients around a conference table - on Mars, if you like. You can game with friends sharing screens in one room without leaving the couch. You can have a party on your website. You can give a presentation with live scenery backgounds. You can arrange a concert, a play, or a comedy show with a virtual live audience.

Get in touch

The best way to get in touch with us is through Discord. Since we are a Consortium, one of us will be able to see your request and be able to answer you.

  • DiscordDiscord
    • IAmCompuBear@gmail.com
    • +1 (719) 271-5649
    • Colorado Springs, CO 80903