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MamaBear Ministries is an Omni-Denominational life-mentoring center located in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Our services include Tarot Card Readings, General Life and LGBTQ guidance, and projects and resources for the homeless.
We are a donation-based association. We would appreciate your contributions to allow us to continue our services to your community.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Readings

New! Tarot cards for sale here.

We cannot tell you the future, but we can give you guidance to shape your future. You have the free will to make your own future happen in the way that you want it to. At any given time your choices determine the direction in which you are headed.  Better information enables you to make better choices.

Tarot card readings are provided online and in-house by appointment.


Life Mentoring

Find the internal peace or the energy to deal with life's ups and downs. We offer a sage woman's spiritual advice on various problems, including personal and work relationships and child rearing, and can provide a special understanding of the challenges faced by LGBTQ adults and children.

Caring people

Drug and Alcohol consolation

When you want to deal with your substance abuse, the biggest problem often lies in finding the strength within yourself. We are here to provide encouragement and nonjudgmental support for you in your efforts. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that it does not matter whether you believe in Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Tdoaism, Paganism, Buddhism, Islam,  Atheism or a combination. Whether you believe in God, Goddesses, love, energy or enlightenment. There is no right or wrong belief. It is up to the individual. By finding the commonality, we find peace.

look at these cool Projects

Food line

Feeding the homeless
in Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs has three community meal offerings.
Community Brunch is held every Sunday at the
St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

The Salvation Army Feast of Friendship Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at Manitou Springs City Hall.

Wood Pile

Wood for warmth

Thank you to Tip Top Tree Cultivation for your donation of 1/2  a cord of wood to keep a family warm in Teller County.

"This organization is amazing!!! Michelle won a half cord of wood and then gifted it to me! I am disabled and have had a difficult time obtaining wood for this winter. Thanks, Mama Bear!"

Give a hand up Not a hand out

The model for this project was designed 3 years ago. It was designed to be used anywhere. Two years ago, I implemented it in Manitou Springs on a limited bases with limited funds and donations.  I am hoping that someday the program can be fully implemented here in Manitou Springs and the model used in other cities as well as other states.  Here is the presentation for your viewing. Please share and spread the word. Here is the presentation script if you would like to read it and the power point presentation.


Community service Garden

Our community service garden was a great success last year. Check it out. We want to do it again this spring.

See More

Thank You to Westside Cares Victory Gardens for the baby plants and manure dirt. Thank you also for the reference here.

Please let us know when you donate if it is for one or more of these projects.

Ready to do something?

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