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Questions and answers

Q. Does the 'Death' card mean I'm going to die?
A. No. It means the end to something in your life, like leaving school or a job. It could also mean the end to a life event, such as becoming 'empty nested'.

Q. What does the 'Devil' mean?
A. It means that there is someone standing in your way. It may mean that you have to ignore them or get them out of your life so that you can go on with your positive path.

Q. Does the 'Love' card mean I will fall in love?
A. It could. But, more likely it means a partnership or a relationship, indicating that you have to work at it and bring as much to the table as the other party does. It reminds us of relationships that have to be worked at.

Q. Does the 'Jester' card mean something bad is going to happen?
A. No. The cards have have different meanings depending on where they are laid in the "layout". When this card is describing you it means that you have a good sense of humor. In the objective spot it means that you want to have more fun in your life. In the helper spot it means that you need to have more fun in your life.

Q. What kind of "layout" do you use?
A: I do my own version of the Celtic Cross. The first two cards laid across each other tell me about you as a person. The next three cards laid in a row tell me your past, present and the objective for your future. The next two cards laid across each other are the helper cards. They tell me what you need to do to in order to fulfill your objective. The last three cards are the possible paths available to you if you succeed in accomplishing your objective.


"Michelle is such a love! She connects with something beautiful as she delivers her readings and helps guide you to see that we all have options. She surrounds you with love and safety as you receive the answers your soul needs you to hear."
Fairlight DeTorres


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