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The story of your life may have some ups and downs. We can help you deal with them.

Life Mentoring is at no charge and is on a donation basis. Please keep in mind that most commercial life mentors charge two dollars a minute.
Road By Kelly Eli Dane


Life is like a road. There are struggles that feel like hills, especially when it seems like you're walking the path all alone. Then there are times when you run down the other side and you're going so fast that you don't know how to stop. Sometimes the path leads you underwater and you are paddling as hard as you can just to stay where you are, let alone to get out of the lake. You could use a guide to help you navigate this unknown route.
It is even worse when you face these as a LGBT. Some people believe that religion and LGBT can't exist together. Like Leelah Alcom the teen transgender girl, who commited suicide because she couldn't be herself, you just need someone who can listen and understand and let you know that everything is okay. Having that little bit of spiritual guidance can be a big help when you need someone to give you positive input into your life.
We can provide support and guidance through life's smallest problems or its toughest times.

Sage Hints

  1. 1. For sprains always use cold to decrease swelling. Peppermint or clove oil will help relive the pain.
  2. 2. For tooth aches hold a wet tea bag next to the tooth (teeth). It will suck up some of the infection. Also use clove oil for the pain.
  3. 3. All congested? Put 1/4 cup of vinegar in boiling pot of water and breathe. It will loosen it up so you can cough it out. This will also help disinfect the air so others don't get sick.
  4. 4. For cramps place a wet wash cloth in a ziplock baggy and microwave for 30 seconds. Place on site of cramps.
  5. 5. Take sponges and cut up into 3rds. Place wet in a ZipLoc Baggy. Place in freezer. This is great for those little booboos. When done rinse in hot water and return back to freezer.
  6. 6. For colds or flu take a broth (chicken, beef or vegetable), mix with 1 tablespoon of oil and boil. When boiling drop in an egg and beat with fork (salt to taste). This will slide down easily, is especially soothing for a sore throat, and gives you protein.
  7. 7. Vinegar is great for getting rid of mold. You can use it under your refrigerator or on the walls of your shower. It's non-toxic and won't harm children or pets. The smell will dissipate.


Teas are good for all kinds of things. Peppermint teas are good to wake you in the morning, while camomile tea will help you fall asleep. Green tea is a good tea to help flush your kidneys. Licorice tea is good to relieve an upset stomach or constipation. Ginger tea will help calm an upset stomach too, but can be a little spicy. Orange or lemon teas are good for colds because they give you added vitamin C. Honey added to tea has been also known to help ease coughs. You can get any of these in prepackaged tea bags.

You can also get a tea ball and loose leaf tea. This gives you more options for herbs and teas that you can buy from any herb shop or online. Golden Seal is an herb that will help to boost your immunity. Valerian root tea is very good to relieve anxiety and also is helpful when coming down from drugs and alcohol, especially when used in combination with green tea. You can make a combination of teas to start your morning ritual like a peppermint, orange, golden seal tea or use clove and catnip tea to relieve pain. For nausea you can make a peppermint, licorice and ginger blend to keep on hand. This is particularly good if you're pregnant. Keeping an assortment of teas on hand is cheaper and as good as keeping a cabinet full of medicines, as well as being far more natural.


"Michelle is such a love! She connects with something beautiful as she delivers her readings and helps guide you to see that we all have options. She surrounds you with love and safety as you receive the answers your soul needs you to hear."
Fairlight DeTorres


"Breezy Knudson, Cassie and I just got a tarot reading from Michelle Deborah Weisblat-Dane and it was amazing! It was by far the most accurate reading I've ever had! I highly recommend her. This lady knows what she's doing."

Tosha Knudson


"I have known mama bear for the better part of a decade, and any time that I need guidance, on a personal or spiritual level, I seek her out for it. She is a truly amazing woman who has some of the most magnificent energy that I have ever come across."

RJ Jones